Members at the Columbia Pacific Bio Refinery have ratified a new Contract

UFCW 555 members at the Columbia Pacific Bio Refinery have ratified a new three year agreement with their employer. Highlights of the settlement include wage increases, maintaining affordable health care, and new language that improves overtime calculation and ability to cash out unused PTO. This is a big win for our members who work in Clatskanie, Oregon.

bio refinery

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Non-Food Journeyperson Raises

Journeyperson members working under the Portland Area Fred Meyer Non-Foods contract were contractually supposed to get a wage increase effective June 29, 2014, and would have seen it on their paychecks this week. Fred Meyer payroll did not implement the pay increase on time, so members may not see the increase this week.

Fred Meyer has told us that any journeyperson non-food member who does not see the increase this week is supposed to see it on the paycheck they receive next week, which is to also include any applicable retro pay for last week. If you were supposed to get this increase and do not see it on the paycheck you receive next week, along with any retro pay owed, please contact your Union Representative.

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UFCW President Hansen Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision in Harris v. Quinn

UFCWnewsJoe Hansen, International President of the UFCW, today released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Harris v. Quinn. “In today’sHarris v. Quinn ruling, the anti-worker Supreme Court sided with those who want to deprive employees of any ability to collectively bargain with their employers. This decision primarily affects home health care workers, but sets a terrible precedent for other Americans seeking a voice on the job.

“This is the Supreme Court’s latest attack on the foundation of our democracy. From weakening the Voting Rights Act to allowing unfettered corporate money in politics, the conservative justices are all too willing to do the bidding of anti-worker special interests. Workers and unions will respond to this latest attack as we always have—by redoubling our efforts to bring a voice on the job and fair wages and working conditions to all Americans.”

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Solidarity Rally

Are you going to be in Longview, Washington, on June 21st? The Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Central Labor Council has decided to hold a rally to educate and inform members, the public, and to build solidarity. We are all in this together, and we will help each other in times of need! Come join us for this family friendly event!


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Aimee Brady is Back to Work

Thanks to her Union Contract, Aimee Brady is back to work.  She works at the Longview Fred Meyer under the CCK contract.  Aimee was termed last month for a cash handling issue.  She did not know to ask for Union Representation, but now knows it’s an option.

Aimee Brady

Aimee Brady

“I never knew what the union could do for me!” said Aimee, “They are awesome and helpful in getting me back to work!” Aimee would like to remind every member of Local 555 to always ask for Union representation.

If your manager asks to see you in their office, you have the right to say “If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer, or steward be present at this meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.”  It is worth memorizing.  You cannot be disciplined for asking for representation, and once you ask, your employer MUST give it to you.

Always ask for Union Representation.  Your Union Contract is your shield from unfair discipline and discharge.

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UFCW LOCAL 555 2014 Oregon Primary Election Endorsements

VOTE icon

Below is the list of UFCW Local 555 Endorsed candidates, approved by the ABC committee and Local Executive Board, for the 2014 Oregon Primary Elections.  All of these candidates share the values of Organized Labor and fair treatment for all.


JEFF MERKLEY — United States Senator
SUZANNE BONAMICI — United States Congress, 1st Congressional District
EARL BLUMENAUER — United States Congress, 3rd Congressional District
PETER DeFAZIO — United States Congress, 4th Congressional District
KURT SCHRADER — United States Congress, 5th Congressional District


BRAD AVAKIAN — Commissioner of Labor
LEE BEYER — Senate District 6
SARA GELSER — Senate District 8
PETER COURTNEY — Senate District 11
CHUCK RILEY  — Senate District 15
RICHARD DEVLIN — Senate District 19
JAMIE DAMON — Senate District 20
DIANE ROSENBAUM — Senate District 21
MICHAEL DEMBROW — Senate District 23
ROD MONROE — Senate District 24
PETER BUCKLEY — House District 5
PAUL HOLVEY — House District 8
DAVID GOMBERG — House District 10
PHIL BARNHART — House District 11
NANCY NATHONSON — House District 13
VAL HOYLE — House District 14
DAN RAYFIELD — House District 16
RICHARD HARISAY — House District 17
PAUL EVANS — House District 20
BETTY KOMP — House District 22
JIM THOMPSON — House District 23
CHUCK LEE — House District 25
TOBIAS READ — House District 27
JEFF BARKER — House District 28
SUSAN McLAIN — House District 29
JOE GALLEGOS — House District 30
BRAD WITT — House District 31
MITCH GREENLICK — House District 33
KEN HELM — House District 34
ANN LININGER — House District 38
BILL KENNEMER — House District 39
DEBORAH BARNES — House District 41
ROB NOSSE — House District 42
LEW FREDERICK — House District 43
TINA KOTEK — House District 44
BARBARA SMITH WARNER — House District 45
ALISSA KENY-GUYER — House District 46
JEFF REARDON — House District 48
SHEMIA FAGAN — House District 51


JIM BERNARD — Clackamas County Commissioner Pos. 1
PAUL SAVAS — Clackamas County Commissioner Pos. 2
MARK MEEK — Clackamas County Clerk
HENRY HEIMULLER — Columbia County Commissioner
CATHLEEN CALLAHAN — Columbia County Judge District 19
JOHN HUMMEL — Deschutes County District Attorney
JODIE BARRAM — Deschutes County Commissioner at-Large
THOMAS SPEAR — Deschutes County Circuit Judge
DAWN LESLEY — West Lane County Commissioner
DIANA DICKEY — Marion County Commissioner Pos. 1
DEBORAH KAFOURY — Multnomah County Chair
JULES BAILEY — Multnomah County Commissioner Dist 1
LORETTA SMITH — Multnomah County Commissioner Dist. 2
DAN STATON — Multnomah County Sheriff
DANNY JAFFER — Polk County Commissioner
GREG MALINOWSKI — Washington County Commissioner Dist 2
ELIZABETH FURSE — Washington County Commissioner Dist 4
SAL PERALTA — Yamhill County Commissioner
TIM SVENSON — Yamhill County Sheriff


TOM HUGHES — Metro President
SHIRLEY CRADDICK — Metro Councilor District 1
CARLOTTA COLLETTE — Metro Councilor District 2
KATHRYN HARRINGTON — Metro Councilor District 4
NICK FISH — Portland City Commissioner Pos. 2
DAN SALTZMAN — Portland City Commissioner Pos. 3
CHRISTOPHER PROUDFOOT — Salem City Council Ward 8

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Allen Weast is back to work!

This Wednesday, Allen Weast is back to work!  After month and a half out of work due to a cash handling issue with western union, Allen won a settlement and was able to return to his job.

Allen was fired for a first offense cash handling issue.  What should have been a write-up ended up being a loss of livelihood.  A grievance was filled and a settlement was reached, Allan would return to work with his time out simply being time served.  He maintained his seniority, and regained his livelihood. His co-workers are thrilled to have him back as well.

allen weast

Allen Weast

“I just want to express my sincere appreciation to Steve Williamsen and the Local 555 for all their efforts and support during this stressful time for myself and my family,” said Allen on his first day back.

We work in retail. We handle money every day, and sometimes a miscount can happen.  But a single mistake after years of service should not cost you your job.

“I’m happy to see him back at work. I must admit it was one of the most satisfying days I have had as a Union Representative,” added Steve, “If you feel like you are being treated unfairly, or worse, are terminated for any reason, call us, that’s why we are here!”

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After a lengthy grievance process for wrongful termination, Bryon Olson is back to work!

10 months ago, Bryon informed Safeway that he had a very dangerous seafood allergy.  The obvious answer should have been to simply not have Bryon handle seafood.  Instead, a week later, Bryon was transferred to a store where he would be forced to directly handle seafood. Bryon was subsequently terminated for a no-call-no-show, even though he called in, and had the phone records to prove it.  Your Union filed a grievance, and perused it through the various steps.


Bryon Olson and Union Rep Lucy Carrier

“I entered my case with Local 555 almost a year ago now and for that entire time they have put their utmost effort into helping me in my case,” said Bryon, “At times it felt like it was a never ending battle but the Union never stopped fighting for my rights and to help correct what I felt was unjust.”

Bryon Olson is back at work, maintaining his seniority, with the maximum amount of back pay allowed under the Union contract.  Bryan is the father of two young daughters. Bryon added, “I now have the ability to support my family and look forward to returning to work. My family and I thank you!”  When asked what he planned to do now that he has his job back, Bryon replied, “Take my family to Disneyland!”

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An update on Kaiser Open Enrollment

Many members have voiced concern over not receiving the Kaiser Open Enrollment packets as promised.  The plan was for the trust to have these in your mailboxes many days ago, but it just hasn’t happened that way. UFCW members work in grocery stores, processing and manufacturing plants, law offices, hospitals and clinics, and many other places too numerous to mention. As a UFCW member with healthcare, you should have received one of sixteen different packets based on your benefits and this has proved to be more difficult than expected. As of today over 50% of the packets are already in the mail and 75% will be in the mail by Friday with the rest coming early next week. If you haven’t received your packet yet, both the staff of UFCW 555 as well as the trust apologize for the inconvenience, but we are pleased to report that this initial delay won’t keep you from being able to make the changes you wish in a timely fashion.

The trust office has moved the deadline to return the packet to April 8th. If you can’t get the packet returned by April 8th, there may be a delay in getting your Kaiser card, but everyone who wants to switch insurance or add or remove a dependent will be allowed to do so even if the forms come back after April 8th. If you return the packet after April 8th, but before April 30th, you will still have May 1st coverage, but not your card. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this open enrollment delay has caused, but we are glad that once again members of Local 555 have the health care choices you deserve.

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Albertsons is withholding pay from members!

Around this time last year, the UFCW Local 555 Grocery Bargaining Committee ratified a three year agreement with Allied Employers.  Part of this agreement was that the employers pay a bonus of 25 cents to Journeyman workers within 30 days of the one year mark of ratification.

Earlier this month, Albertsons failed to deliver payment of these bonuses on time to members of Local 555 throughout the jurisdiction.  The employer has called and apologized to the Union Office and assured the Local that the checks will be delivered by March 21st,which for some people is two weeks late.  An apology does not make this ok.

Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown

“Being a single parent, times are tough.  I was told when the check would be here.  I expected it and made payments towards bills, counting on it,” said Debbie Brown, an Albertson’s checker, “I was very irritated and disappointed we did not receive it.  We earned it.  Why make us wait?”

This past week, members at Albertsons have been wearing stickers in the check stands and on the floor that read “Ask me why Albertsons is withholding my pay.”  Customers have been asking and are horrified to learn that workers aren’t getting contractual pay.  Many of them even called the Albertsons corporate office.

Members of Local 555 work hard for their employers.  Is it so much to ask to be paid on time? After all, we are expected to be at work on time.


Other members waiting for owed bonus checks


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