An update from Jeff Anderson on our bills in the Oregon Legislature:

Earned Sick Days

The bill passed out of the Senate Health Committee on a party-line vote; it now goes to the Ways and Means Committee for fiscal costing.  Interestingly, those opposed tried to amend the bill to exclude part-time workers and agricultural workers. These attempts failed and the final bill, with labor endorsed amendments, passed on a three to two person vote. We appreciate the great work by Senator Dembrow on shepherding this bill through the committee. We anticipate the Oregon House will now take up the same legislation sometime next week.

Pharmacy Techs

Our bill to add two Pharmacy Technicians to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, creating a nine member board, won the support of the Senate Health Committee on a four to one person vote. Senator Tim Knopp from Bend was the only opposition. The bill is not supported by the Chair of the Board of Pharmacy, but enjoys support from the Governor’s Office as well as the House and Senate Leadership. The bill will go to the Senate floor next Tuesday.

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Healthcare Survey

Local 555 is working hard improve your access to your healthcare and your healthcare plan information. We’re exploring new technology and would like to know a little about how you access your healthcare plan. The survey below has only 12 questions and should take just a few minutes. It would be extremely helpful if you could answer them. The changes we are looking to make may even lower healthcare costs as we move forward.

Click here to take the survey!

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Lobby Day was Great!

A big thank you to the members who attended Lobby Day in Salem yesterday.  Thanks to your efforts, we are closer than ever before to making sick pay available for workers in Oregon on the very first day someone is sick.  We also made great strides in putting not one, but two pharmacy technicians on the Oregon Board of Pharmacy.  This would give UFCW pharmacy techs more of a voice on the job than ever before.  You can click the link below for a copy of the full legislative agenda. The next Lobby Day in Oregon is May 12th.  We are also working with our sister locals for a lobby day in Washington State, with the date to be determined.  If you are interested in attending either event, please contact your Union Representative.​

Click here to read the full 555 Legislative Agenda 

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National Attacks on Working Families Come to Oregon

This week in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker signed an anti-worker bill designed to lower wages and benefits for working families. Last month, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made the same proposal. Across the country, anti-worker groups funded by the Koch Brothers and others are filing dozens of lawsuits and proposing dozens of bills, all designed to increase corporate profits, and cut wages and benefits for workers.

Yesterday, these national attacks came to our own backyard. With two new anti-worker ballot measures filed, corporate interests are now pushing their anti-worker agenda here in Oregon. Unfortunately, these attacks are not new: For years, anti-worker stalwarts like Bill Sizemore have attacked Oregon workers.

These attacks are not unique to Oregon.  Washington will continue to face anti-worker ballot initiatives and UFCW Local 555 will continue to work with our partners in Washington to combat the Koch Brothers and their cronies from undermining workers’ rights in the Evergreen State as well.

[SIGN UP for ACTION ALERTS to keep up with the Keep Oregon Working coalition]

We know that these policies are corporate attacks on working people, so they can cut our jobs, our wages, and our benefits. You’ve heard about this before, but now they’re back and we need your help more than ever to sound the alarm for your friends and family.

Here at UFCW Local 555, we’re joining workers across the state to stop this attack against every day Oregonians. We can’t defeat these attacks without your help.

[The first step is to get connected. Sign up today and join the Keep Oregon Working Alert network so you can be up-to-speed about actions in your community.] 

We need the ability for workers to come together now more than ever, to protect our wages and benefits and to fight for all working people. Join us as we stand up for our families and against the agenda of these large corporate interests. Join us to keep Oregon working.

Thanks for your support,

Dan Clay
UFCW President, Local 555

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Stop the TPP!

Hundreds of union members from all sections of labor turned out for the rally and march through Portland on Monday night.  America can’t afford another free trade deal like NAFTA.  We will continue to put pressure on Senator Ron Wyden and members of Congress to stand with Oregon’s workers and say NO to Fast Track and NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership!  It is bad for Oregon, bad for America, and bad for Working Families.

No Fast Track Rally 4 11 03 2015        No Fast Track Rally 5 11 03 2015No Fast Track Rally 6 11 03 2015 No Fast Track Rally 3 11 03 2015
No Fast Track Rally 7 11 03 2015 No Fast Track Rally 2 11 03 2015

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Fulton Provision has Ratified a New Contact

The members of Fulton Provision have ratified a new contract with their employer. Members ratified a 3 year contract that included wage increases and increased contributions to the pension fund. Congratulations to the UFCW members at Fulton Provision!


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Legislative Conference & Lobby Day

On March 18, UFCW Local 555 will be holding a Legislative Conference & Lobby Day at the Oregon State Capitol.

This year’s Legislative Conference and Lobby Day will consist of political education, speakers, hearings, attending House and Senate floor sessions, as well as some targeted lobbying of key swing votes in the Legislature on certain issues such as Protected Sick Leave. Worker advocacy is fundamental to what we do and we all must do it not just in our workplaces or with our friends, but to elected leaders as well.

If any Local 555 member is interested in attending, please contact your Union Representative, or Renae Miller at 1-800-452-8329.

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The February 16 Sick Pay Hearings were a Success

Thank you to all who represented Local 555 by attending the Paid Sick Days hearing in Salem yesterday evening.  We had over 65 people at the Oregon State Capitol wearing UFCW Gold in support of having access to paid sick time for all Oregon workers.

Several of the State Representatives and Senators who made up the joint committee thanked us for being there to support our issue, with one representative saying, “You guys sure make it easier to vote yes.”  Displays of support such as make a huge difference, and it did a lot to push us closer to our goal of getting Paid Sick Days passed for all of Oregon.

On March 18 we will be holding a Legislative Conference & Lobby Day at the Oregon State Capitol.   If any Oregon member of Local 555 is interested in attending, please contact your Union Representative, or Renae Miller at 1-800-452-8329.

Thank you all again,

Dan Clay
President, UFCW Local 555

hearing 111 17 02 2015 hearing 5 17 02 2015 hearing 4 17 02 2015 hearing 3 17 02 2015 hearing 2 17 02 2015 hearing 01 17 02 2015

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Protected Paid Sick Leave Day of Action

UFCW Members worked hard to pass Protected Paid Sick Leave in both Portland and Eugene. Now the fight is on to pass Protected Paid Sick Leave for everyone in Oregon, accessible the very first day you are sick.

The first public hearings are on Monday, February 16 at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. We need to pack three meetings throughout the day with UFCW members. The joint hearing at 5pm needs the most participation, but if you are interested in being part of the first show of force at the capitol this year at any time throughout the day, please contact your Union Representative.


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Northwest Hope Foundation Scholarships

The 2015 Northwest Hope Foundation Scholarship Applications are now open!

The Northwest Hope Foundation raises money for the Scholarship Program as well as ongoing support for Leukemia research and other causes through the Annual Golf Tournament.

This year we are also re-introducing the the L Walt Derry Scholarship.

Click here for all the details.

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