Upcoming Monthly Meetings

calendarBelow is a calendar of upcoming meetings and events. You can click on an event to see details. If you cannot see all the events for a day, click the button that says “more” at the bottom of that day.

These meetings are important Union meetings and you are encouraged to make plans to attend.

At the Quarterly Membership Meeting you will receive an update on the status of your Union, hear department reports, financial reports, and other information that impacts you as a Union member.

The New Member Meeting is an introduction to the Union for those within their first 6 months of membership with UFCW Local 555. You will receive a membership application, information about medical insurance, information about pension benefits, a copy of your contract, and a one-time credit of up to $50 off your initiation fee (if you qualify). 

If you have questions about these meetings, please contact your Union Representative at 1-800-452-UFCW.


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